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Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals

We are a well-reckoned Water Treatment Chemicals Supplier in India. The Water Treatment Chemicals are available with us in a wide range as per the special requirements of the clients. The Water Treatment Chemicals prevent scaling and corrosion in the system. The Water Treatment Chemicals can be availed from us at the most competitive prices.

Water Treatment Chemicals Include

  • IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM B 1011, IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM B 1023, IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM B 1030- Boiler water anti scalents for preventing scaling in boilers
  • IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM B 1047 Sludge conditioners
  • IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM B1053, 1055 Amine based Oxygen scavengers and return condensate treatment chemicals which removes oxygen in the boiler water and Return condensate
  • IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM B1026 a sulphite based Oxygen Scavenger removes oxygen in boiler water and prevents corrosion.
  • Cooling tower water treatment chemicals : ANTISACLENTS LINE -IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM C3045, IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM C 3056 IRVINE 4 G AQUAKEM C 3028,
  • Biocides Irvine 4 G Aquakem C3070,Irvine 4 G Aquakem C3071.
    • R.O. Antiscalents, Membrane Cleaning chemicals
    • Poly Electrolytes (Cationic, Anionic and non ionic)
    • TCCA granules and tablets
    • R.O. Plants
    • Water Softeners, D.M. Plants
    • Water treatment systems like evaporators, ATFD


Type Organic
Application Water Treatment
Purity 99%
Packaging Type Drum, Plastic Can
Physical State Liquid
Storage Cool & Dry Place

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  • Water Treatment Chemical 02

  • Water Treatment Chemical 03

  • Water Treatment Chemical 04

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  • Water Treatment Chemical 08