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Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant

We are offering Reverse Osmosis Plant, which is used to produce high-quality low dissolved solids water, especially where the client needs to minimize the use of chemicals which are the regenerants associated with the more conventional demineralised ion exchange process.

Reverse Osmosis Plant is used extensively in the Food and Beverage industry (especially the brewing industry), Pharmaceutical and the Electronic industries. Reverse Osmosis Plant uses a computerized programme for studying the water chemistry so as to select the most suitable membrane configuration and in order to provide a plant which gives a low water-rejection rate.

In its simplest presentation Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration System is a membrane process that acts as molecular filters to remove (permeable to water not salt and separating pure water and salt solution, by applying external pressure) dissolved mineral, organic and inorganic, and heavy metals. Reverse Osmosis Plant will also remove microbial matter including bacterial spores and viruses, which cannot be removed by any ion exchange technique from water and waste water.

Reverse Osmosis Plant has emerged as a serious alternative to chemical treatment systems due to a number of reasons. The minimal use of chemicals makes Reverse Osmosis Plant environmentally desirable. Reverse osmosis is a simple process and the operational and maintenance costs are lower. Reverse Osmosis Plant has higher production capacity to space ratio via-a-via other technologies. Ion exchange processes, on other hand, incur high resin replacement costs, substantially higher regeneration costs and inordinate downtime costs due the need for replacing ion exchange columns. While the biggest operating costs for ion exchange systems are regeneration chemicals, the major cost component in Reverse Osmosis Plant is energy i.e. electrical power to operate the Reverse Osmosis feed pump.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant
We design the Reverse Osmosis Plant according to the need for tap water, brackish water & sea water application. Our production range starts from 100 lph (liter per hour) to 20 m3 per hour for 400 tds to 45,000 tds.

Mineral Water Plants
To assure the quality of mineral water (purified drinking water), we design and install turnkey system of mineral water plants incorporating the best equipment, parts & components. We offer a single convenient source for all system accessories, including pre treatment, filtration and disinfection of water.